About Prism

Prism software was first developed by Dr. Cyril Cavadore in 1995 as an image processing program. Over the past twenty years, Cyril added a wealth of functionality to incorporate sky charts, equipment control, and powerful analysis functions for photometry and astrometry. One of the advantages of Prism is that Cyril has worked closely with professional and amateur astronomers to increase Prism’s functionality.

Prism Version 9 was released in 2013. Over 1,000 users have been using Prism since then. Most of these users are in Europe and have been using the French language version of Prism.

In the past, as a result of limited English language documentation, very few English speaking users adopted Prism. In addition, users found the menu structure overly complex and too focused on scientific applications.

In order to allow English speaking users to take advantage of Prism, Prism America Incorporated was formed by Joaquin Fabrega and Bob Sandness in January 2015. Both Joaquin and Bob have remote observatories in the Atacama Desert of Chile. The owner of the remote telescope hosting facility, Alain Maury, introduced them to Prism. It quickly became apparent that Prism was superior astro-imaging tool but that it needed a cleaner menu and English documentation.

The Prism menu system has been reorganized and simplified to make the program much easier to use. Both the product and documentation are now entirely in English. This new release of Prism is called Version 10. There are three editions: Basic, Pro and Advanced.

L to R—Bob Sandness, Cyril Cavadore, Joaquin Fabrega

Atacama Desert Observatory, Chile—IAU W97