Prism Astro Imaging Software

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced astro photographer, Prism is the perfect solution for all your needs. Prism is a comprehensive program, developed over 20 years, to control either a portable telescope or a fixed observatory. All of your equipment is controlled in native mode or through the popular ASCOM interface.

Prism avoids the need to use multiple complex programs – Prism does it all.

Our program has a fully integrated planetarium Sky Chart which allows you to plan your observations using a wide range of both star and deep sky object catalogs. Capturing CCD and DSLR images is easy with support for most CCD cameras and Canon DSLRs. Built in tools like Autofocus and Autocenter make your job even easier.

Prism has a fully automatic observation function that does everything for you; from opening the dome or roof, cooling the camera, auto focusing, auto centering the target, and capturing images. It will then warm up the camera, park the telescope and close the roof or dome. It will even monitor your weather station or cloud sensor to make sure you get as many observations as possible from your imaging system.

After taking the images, use Prism to calibrate, stack and fully process your images. Sophisticated image tools allow easy identification of your best images. Photometry and asteroid/comet search tools are also included.

Polar alignment using the King Method is simple and our pointing model capability will ensure your mount is always on target.

Prism also has a powerful and easy to use script language to allow you to write your own scripts. These scripts can then be integrated right into the Prism menu system.

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Detailed Sky Maps
Equipment Control
Canon DSLR Camera
Scientific CCD camera (FLI,SBIG,QSI, ASCOM)223
Filter Wheel1
Simultaneous Wide Field & High Resolution Imaging

AO Control
Cloud Sensor
Easy Image Sequence Capture
Download DSS images
Embed images into Sky Map
Observatory start up/shutdown
Automatic Imaging Multiple Targets
Find Scope anywhere
Automatic Asteroid/Comet discovery
Astrometric reduction
Extensive Catalogs
Plate Solving
Batch File Processing
Image Grid
Blink Images
Tracking Error Charts
Sky Background Measurement
Imaging Limiting Magnitude
Optical Tests
Select Best Images
CCD Camera Characterization
Advanced Functions
Pointing Model
Polar Alignment
Find Scope Position – AllSky
Image Stacking
Supernova Image comparison
AVI File Processing
Exo-Planet Detection
Spectrograph FunctionsX