Prism Pro Edition

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Prism Pro is designed to meet the needs of the intermediate and advanced imager. Like Prism Basic Edition it provides users with a powerful built-in planetarium to allow planning observations and controlling the telescope position.

It fully supports a wide range of equipment:

  • Telescope mounts
  • CCD and Canon DSLR cameras
  • ASCOM filter wheels and focusers
  • Rotators
  • Domes and shelter controls
  • GPS time and location
  • Weather stations and cloud sensors

A key feature is the ability to do fully automated images of a list of user chosen targets. Built in auto focus and plate solve functions ensure optimum results. Pointing models make sure your mount is on target every time.

It also adds astrometric and photometric capabilities to allow the user to analyze observations of asteroids, comets, variable stars.

Scripting is another powerful capability of this version of Prism.

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