Prism FAQ

1. What is Prism?

Prism is an integrated astro imaging software solution which incorporates the following functions:

  • Detailed sky planetarium with a wide range of catalogs & DSS images
  • Control of all your imaging equipment
    • CCD and Canon DSLR cameras for image acquisition
    • Focusers
    • Filter wheels
    • Dome & Shelters and power controls
    • Weather stations/Cloud sensors
    • Rotators
    • GPS units for location and time synchronization
  • Creation of master bias, dark and flat frames
  • Image calibration
  • Removal of cosmetic image defects- blooming, bad columns
  • Image processing and Stacking
  • Color image creation and processing
  • Astrometry (asteroids & comets)
  • Photometry
  • Optical Alignment tools
  • Plate solving and find where your scope is pointing
  • Autofocus
  • Polar alignment tool
  • Image selection based on star FWHM and elongation
  • Create and use a pointing model
  • Fully automated imaging sessions including:
    • Opening dome/shelter
    • Cooling the cameras
    • Slewing to desired targets
    • Auto centering
    • Autoguiding
    • Capturing images
    • Obtaining flat fields at dusk or dawn
    • Parking the telescope
    • Warming the CCD camera
    • Closing the dome
  • Process and create AVI files

2. Prism has a lot of functions do I have to use all of them?

No, the beauty of Prism is you can start using just a few of Prism functions and when you want more functionality you can use additional Prism features.

3. Prism seems complicated, is it hard to learn?

We have made sure the menu structure is easy to follow even for beginners. There is a written manual and most importantly video tutorials to get you started quickly.

4. Is Prism just one program or are there several programs to do everything?

Prism is a single highly efficient program.

5. Since it is such a powerful program does it need a powerful computer?

The Prism program itself uses about 500 Mb including all its internal deep sky and star catalogs. The Guide Star catalog requires about 300 MB more storage. Additional catalogs will need more storage.

Because it is an efficient program, Prism can even be run on a netbook with a dual or quad core processor.

6. How many computers can I run Prism on?

The Prism license entitles you to install Prism on up to 2 computers which you own. Only one copy can be in use at any time.

7. Can I return Prism and get my money back?

No. We offer a 45 day trial version to give you adequate time to evaluate Prism before purchase.

8. Will I be charged for maintenance after the first year like other software programs?

We don’t believe that you should have to pay for fixing bugs and minor upgrades.

9. Will I get a discount with the next major release of Prism?

Yes, existing customers will get a significant discount on the next major Prism release.

10. Does Prism run on Linux, IOS or Android?

No, not at this time.

11. Does Prism run on Mac?

No, not at this time.

12. Do I need to buy an autofocus program with Prism?

No, it is part of the Prism software.

13. Do I need to buy an plate solving program with Prism?

No, it is part of the Prism software.

14. Do I need to buy an automation program with Prism?

It is part of the Prism Pro software.